The Public order exception in international trade, investment, human rights and commercial disputes
Kluwer International, 2020

book chapters

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other publications

“Restrictions on Online Sales”, Global Competition Review, Digital Markets Guide, First Edition, 2021 (co-authored with S. Mavroghenis)(by invitation)

The public policy exception under Article V(2)(b) of the New York Convention in the time of Covid-19”, Young ICCA Blog and Kluwer Arbitration Blog, February 2021

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“Arbitration and Third Parties”, lecture given at the Brussels Arbitration Academy (December 2015) (by invitation)

Various presentations and lectures on international dispute resolution given in the framework of the International Max Planck Research School for Successful Dispute Resolution (IMPRS-SDR) in Luxembourg (periods between 2015 – 2019)

“The Influence of the ECHR on the Jurisprudence of International Courts and Tribunals Applying Exceptions Provisions for the Protection of the Public Order”, Conference organized by ESIL and iCourts on “The Influence, Legacy and Future of the European Court of Human Rights in the International Legal Order (June 2021)(peer selected)

"International Arbitrators as International Policy Makers: Philosophical Approaches as to their role – the way forward”, Annual Conference, Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law (May 2012)(peer selected)

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Public Procurement – Demystifying the Applicable EU Rules (Webinar, 2022) in collaboration with MBL Seminars

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